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Problem Pugs; Dealing with a Nuisance.

By: Pug Puppy for Sale in Massachusetts

You love your Pug, but sometimes he can be a real pain! If you know what might be causing his annoying behavior, though, you might be able to do something about it.

Some Pugs just love to dig holes! Their reasons for doing so, however, will vary depending on the breed and the situation. Your Pug might be digging holes out of sheer boredom. If you suspect this might be the case, simply exercise your Pug more frequently. He'll be too tired to dig. Maybe your male Pug is digging in order to get to the female Pug that is in heat next door. In this case, having your Pug neutered will solve the problem. If your Pug is digging holes to bury items or just for the sake of digging, then set aside one area in which he can engage in that behavior. Protect the rest of your yard by spraying a non-toxic Pug repellant in and around the off-limit areas.

breeder pug Barking
A Pug that barks all the time, for no apparent reason, is not only a nuisance to the owner, but can be a nuisance to an entire neighborhood as well. The most common reason for consistent barking is boredom and loneliness. Have your neighbors told you that your Pug barks all day long while you're at work? If so, then you should consider enrolling your Pug in doggie day care. There will be plenty of activities to keep him busy all day long and he'll have lots of other dogs to play with. If day care isn't an option, make sure that your Pug has plenty of toys to keep him occupied while you're away from home. You might also try leaving the radio or television on while you're gone - hearing human voices might help your Pug feel less lonely.

Destructive Chewing
Most Pugs engage in destructive chewing for one of three reasons: teething, attention or boredom. If your Pug puppy is chewing up everything he can sink his little teeth into, there's a good chance that he is simply teething. Make sure to provide the teething puppy with lots of chewable toys so that he won't go after your shoes or other household objects. If your Pug isn't teething, then perhaps he's engaging in this destructive behavior in order to get your attention. If you don't spend a lot of time with your Pug, but will chase him around for hours if he has your favorite shoe in his mouth, then your Pug will understand very quickly that this is an effective way to get you to "play" with him. Spend more time with your Pug and you may get him to stop chewing up things around the house. Bored Pugs are also inclined to become chewers. If there's nothing or no one to play with, they'll make their own fun at the expense of your furniture and clothing. Provide your Pug with plenty of toys and activities to keep him occupied.

You might think its adorable when your Pug greets you at the door by jumping up on you and tries licking your face, but most of your guests probably won't get the same kick out of this behavior. When a small puppy jumps on you it's cute because you can control him and he's not heavy enough to knock you over. Not so with adult Pugs. Having a large Pug hurl himself at you is not an experience that most people, even Pug lovers, enjoy. So, how do you get your Pug to stop jumping as a way of greeting you and your guests? Consistent training is really the only way. Ideally, you should begin discouraging this behavior when the Pug is still a puppy. If you are unable to get your Pug to stop jumping up onto people, then a stint at obedience school is highly recommended.

Most of the time, Pugs disobey their owners because they're not sure what is expected of them. In order to get your Pug to be consistently obedient, you have to spend lot of time training him. Obedience training should start when the Pug is still a puppy and be reinforced throughout the years. Some owners can train their Pugs without any outside assistance; however, most will need to enroll themselves and their Pug in a local obedience school. You and your Pug will enjoy your time together much more once you can communicate effectively with each other.

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