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Pug Dentist: Care and Maintenance for your Pug's Teeth

By: Pug Dog for Sale in Massachusetts, MA

Many people do not realize the importance of caring for their Pug dog's teeth. As Pug dogs age, the need for dental care increases. The best way to ensure proper dental health for your Pug dog is to start while they are still a puppy.

Many Pugs do not like their mouths touched. It is important for you as a Pug owner to desensitize them to being handled like this at a very young age. The veterinarian is always going to need to examine your Pug's mouth and you do not want to have problems with this. The best way for you to get your dog used to having his mouth touched is to begin touching it when you first get your Pug pupppy. Make sure to touch the lips, open the mouth, and touch the teeth in a calm and relaxing way for about five minutes each day until your pug puppy is used to being handled in this way. Make this a regular part of your interaction with your Pug so he remains calm when you are doing any kind of preventive dental care.

breeders MD Pug Most veterinarians recommend brushing your Pug dog's teeth daily. Many manufacturers make special toothpaste and brushes for dogs. You do not ever want to use human toothpaste on Pug as it may be harmful to them. To get your Pug used to having his teeth brushed, you may want to start by putting a dab of dog toothpaste on a cotton ball and rubbing it over his teeth. Toothpaste for dogs is usually quite tasty to them, so he shouldn't mind this. You can then try a finger brush, available at any veterinarian's office or pet supply store. Eventually, especially for larger breeds, you will want to graduate to a regular dog toothbrush. Regular brushing will help prevent the buildup of calculus and debris on your Pug dog's teeth.

Another way to help prevent calculus and buildup on your Pug's teeth is by using rawhide chews specially formulated for dental care. Many companies manufacture these chews. One of the best available is by C.E.T. Most veterinarians carry C.E.T. dental health products. C.E.T. chews are formulated with an enzyme that helps keep plaque from forming and prevents the buildup of bacteria. Also, the natural abrasion of rawhide chews helps keep your Pug dog's teeth healthy. C.E.T. also makes a chew that contains chlorhexadine which has antimicrobial properties.

Some companies also make special dental health food for dogs, which may be recommended to you by your veterinarian to help prevent dental problems.

Even with proper preventive measures, most Pugs will eventually need a dental cleaning from your veterinarian. If your veterinarian recommends a dental cleaning, it is important that you follow through. If your dog develops dental disease, harmful bacteria can pass through into the bloodstream causing potentially serious problems such as kidney infections and infections involving the heart valves.

A dental cleaning performed on your Pug by your veterinarian is much like a human dental cleaning, however your dog will need to be sedated. The anesthesia is light and with today's technology is extremely safe. Many veterinarians have anesthesia monitoring systems just like those used in human medicine. A thorough exam will be performed to determine if any teeth need to be pulled or repaired. Some veterinarians will do x-rays of for Pugs teeth to find any cracks or diseased teeth. After this, a trained member of the veterinary staff will perform a dental cleaning. First, they will scale the teeth to remove the tartar above and below the gum line. This will be done with both hand instruments and ultrasonic scaling equipment. After this, the teeth will be polished, which will make them smooth and help prevent plaque from adhering to them. Most veterinarians will also do a fluoride treatment on your Pug's teeth. This is to help strengthen the enamel and to prevent plaque from forming and/or building up. If any teeth are found to be diseased or broken, your veterinarian may have to pull them. Some veterinarians who specialize in dental care will perform root canals and other intensive dental work. Most veterinarians will put your dog on a treatment of antibiotics to help prevent bacterial infection.

It is very important to take good care of your Pug's teeth to keep them healthy and to prevent infections. Always follow your veterinarian's advice and if you have further questions, consult your veterinary staff or pet professional.

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